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Illustration in several styles, from cartoons to scientific illustrations. Retouching and animation are two specialities. Links are provided to clients. (Note: Kupper Parker and Dimac Direct are no longer business entities)

House, cutaway view
House in cutaway view for WaterCop, AKA Communication
Retouching, the subtle art of adding and subtracting elements
Post Restaurant Cartoons David Peters Studio
Caricature and mascot illustrations for The Post Sports Bar and Grill
Laird Mining Illustration David Peters Studio
Mining illustration for Laird (formerly Laird Technologies).
Is there hope
Retouched stock photo for Louie, the magazine for St. Louis teens
Yard before and after
An ordinary lawn becomes a cutaway view of a termite colony and trap - Kupper Parker
designated driver
Part of an animated Flash cartoon for Anheuser-Busch designated driver website
Southside mural
A building mural in central St. Louis.
retouch   dancers
Retouched stock photograph for Avert Pest Control - AKA Communications   Line drawing of dancers
Alliance Cat/Mouse

Direct mail piece for Alliance/Anthem with a 26% response rate - Kupper Parker

Whitmire cover
Start with white bottles on a blue background to get this for Whitmire - KPC
gentle air comp
Example of comp art, also my storyboard style - Kupper Parker Communications
ZipR can product illustration 4 in hose for AIMedia/Hewitt
Logo design and product
illustration in a 3D format
Hose cutaway retouching
for AIMedia and Hewitt/Husky
cartoon girl hero   Olenya trailer
Cartoon girl hero for Whitmire pest control - AKA Communication   Attic repair trailer for Olneya
breast pump animation
GIF movie of a breast pump for Simplisse - AKA Communication
Norman for The Shoals
One of several vector illustrations for shoalssaloonandgrille
Wheel of Terminology
Illustration for computer video game to encourage the learning of medical terms.

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